Monday, March 9, 2009

Welcome to the Utah State Capitol Visitor Services Blog

I'd like to begin by simply thanking you for visiting this blog. I hope you find something that interests you. The Capitol is incredibly fascinating to me and I enjoy the privilege of sharing this fascination with visitors. Exciting things regularly happen on Capitol Hill and I hope to keep you updated. I also hope this blog helps give you a better idea of what our visitor services program is all about.

In addition to our immensly capable tour coordinator, Joanna Hudson, and our wonderful team of volunteer docents, this blog is a part of our effort to realize our Visitor Services mission statement. Here is that statement:

The Visitor Services Program for the Utah State Capitol provides a meaningful experience for all visitors to the Capitol Hill Complex. The program educates visitors about the history of Utah, history of the Capitol, appreciation of the democratic process and the restoration and renovation of the Utah State Capitol. The program provides opportunities for visitors to understand the Capitol through thematic guided experiences and activities highlighting the Capitol, its grounds, artwork and artifacts, exhibitions, and events, as well as the people who serve the citizens of the state.

With these goals in mind, we intend to make your visits to the Capitol memorable and exciting. If you haven't seen the restored Capitol, I invite you to come and see it!And if you have, I hope you'll come back soon and bring a friend or two.

Also, if you haven't yet visited the Capitol's main website, click here to take a look.

Thanks again for your visit!
Allyson Gamble
Director of Public Relations, Communications and Visitor Services

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