Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Visitors from around the world

Sculpted by Eugene Daub, Robert Firmin, and Jonah Hendrickson, "Immigration & Settlement" symbolizes, in its timeless setting, the fact that Utah encourages and welcomes new citizens from a wide range of backgrounds. The Utah Spirit of Immigration and Settlement gently sweeps forward into Utah, in a Bernini-like movement out from of her niche into the center of The People’s House. A breeze, blowing from the past into the future, animates her robes. She is leading the way into Utah for the next generation, which, represented by the girl, holds the entire Earth—the potential source of immigration—in her hands. The spirit barely touches the girl’s shoulder—just sufficiently for reassurance—it is up to the girl to decide for herself if she will immigrate and settle in Utah.

The State Capitol is visited daily by people from all over the world. Yesterday, the U.S Ambassador from Russia marvelled at the beautiful Senate Chamber while a large group of visitors from Germany, here in Utah to ski and enjoy our canyon country, remarked again and again how impressed they were with the ornate details of the building. Today, youth from countries such as Mali, Burma, and Tanzania - many of whom relocated from refugee camps less than 6 months ago - excitedly moved throughout the marble hallways.

Whether from locales near or far, visitors are welcomed by one of our 60 volunteer docents with a warm smile and a willingness to share their love of this building and vast knowledge of it's unique story.

Granite School District Newcomer Academy

Docents: Pam Jones and Janet Reese

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