Monday, February 25, 2013

Museums Day at the Legislature

On Thursday, February 28th, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Utah Museums Association and the Office of Utah Museum Services Board will hold Museums Day at the Legislature in the Rotunda. Museums from around Utah will take this opportunity to speak with their legislators. This is their chance to remind legislators of the important role of museums of preserving Utah culture and history.

Some features of Museums Day at the Legislature include live animals from the Tracy Aviary; exhibits from the Hogle Zoo, Living Planet Aquarium, and the Historic Wendover Airfield; and artifacts from the Natural History Museum of Utah. In addition to the exhibits there will be various museums' representation of living history folks.

The Utah Museums Association was founded in 1972 and serves Utah by advocating the importance of Utah Museums, Collaborating with organizations to create a museum network, and continuing to recognize museums as a educational resource for the people of Utah.

The Office of Utah Museum Services aids museums in caring for collections, creating educational resources, allowing researchers access to collections, and acquiring financial resources.

An image from last year's Museums Day at the Legislature

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Charter Day on the Hill

The Utah Association of Public Charter Schools gathered in the capitol Monday February 11, 2013 for their event “Charter Day on the Hill.” Their goals for this legislative session can be found here.

Thirty-five of the 88 charter schools in Utah were represented, bringing over 400 students, educators, and administrators to the capitol. The Association of Public Charter Schools believes in giving parents a choice in educating their children, as well as in the benefits of a specialized education for students. 

Charter Day on the Hill was a chance for schools to demonstrate the presence of Charter Schools to their legislators. The event was designed to give attention to the activities of the schools themselves and the bills the Utah Association of Public Charter Schools have sponsored this legislative session.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Arts Day at the Legislature

Utah Division of Arts & Museums
The Utah State Capitol was built to serve not only as a place for government, but as a house of the people. During the Legislative Session community members often assemble, advocating for what they hold important for the enrichment of their shared State of Utah. Some of these gatherings include Museum Day at the Legislature, Rural Legislation Day, and the event held yesterday, Arts Day at the Legislature. Arts Day brought over 100 visitors to the Capitol for their participation.

Event Details
Organized by Art Works for Kids! and the Utah Arts Council Board of Directors, Arts Day at the Legislature on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 occupied the State Capitol Rotunda.

What is the purpose of this event?
This event is held in particular to give attention to those who are receiving enrichment from, have been heavily influenced by, and have overall benefited from public funding of arts. Arts Day enables the community to actively introduce artists to their legislators to remind them of the importance of the arts. This event is also a chance for arts supporters to personally thank their legislators for their continued support of art in schools and the community.

Who puts on this event?
Art Works for Kids! particularly advocates for continuing the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Learning Arts Programming. The Utah Arts Council Board of Directors is a governing board of Utah Division of Arts and Museums and is in charge of aiding in the development of arts in the community, managing state and federal arts funding, and working as a springboard for arts planning around the state.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Utah State Legislature Resource Guide

Utah State House of Representatives
The 2013 Utah State Legislative Session began this week, and the Capitol Complex is alive with activity. A combined 548 bills are scheduled to be discussed in the House and the Senate, and public events and tours are quickly filling up. We've collected all the best resources to help you find the information you need—whether you're visiting the Capitol, tracking legislation, or attending an event.

Your Legislators
Full rosters of both the House and the Senate can be found on the Utah State Legislature website. If you are unsure who your legislators are, type your address into the interactive map here. The Utah State Legislature website also lists the current Senate Standing Committees and House Standing Committees, as well as the Appropriations Committees.

Tracking Bills and Committee Meetings
Check out the live stream of session if you're curious about what the elected officials are discussing. The legislative website is also where you can find a list of bills to be discussed, and there are links to track specific bills or view bills that have been passed. If your interests are more specific, you can find a clickable calendar with committee meeting agendas here.

Visiting the Capitol
If you plan on heading up to the Capitol for an event or just to visit, check out our directions and parking information. Other useful pages include information on scheduling your own event,  taking a tour, or photographing the Capitol. Not sure where to go once you're in the building? A map of the Capitol buildings and grounds can be found here.

Keeping Yourself Updated
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