Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Arts Day at the Legislature

Utah Division of Arts & Museums
The Utah State Capitol was built to serve not only as a place for government, but as a house of the people. During the Legislative Session community members often assemble, advocating for what they hold important for the enrichment of their shared State of Utah. Some of these gatherings include Museum Day at the Legislature, Rural Legislation Day, and the event held yesterday, Arts Day at the Legislature. Arts Day brought over 100 visitors to the Capitol for their participation.

Event Details
Organized by Art Works for Kids! and the Utah Arts Council Board of Directors, Arts Day at the Legislature on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 occupied the State Capitol Rotunda.

What is the purpose of this event?
This event is held in particular to give attention to those who are receiving enrichment from, have been heavily influenced by, and have overall benefited from public funding of arts. Arts Day enables the community to actively introduce artists to their legislators to remind them of the importance of the arts. This event is also a chance for arts supporters to personally thank their legislators for their continued support of art in schools and the community.

Who puts on this event?
Art Works for Kids! particularly advocates for continuing the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Learning Arts Programming. The Utah Arts Council Board of Directors is a governing board of Utah Division of Arts and Museums and is in charge of aiding in the development of arts in the community, managing state and federal arts funding, and working as a springboard for arts planning around the state.

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