Thursday, October 27, 2011

Heart of a Lion


On the East and West entrances to the Utah State Capitol, all who visit the Capitol are welcomed by the  lions, though  the majestic gate keepers who rest on these entrances were not always the originals. In 1915, Gavin Jack sculpted the first lions out of cement. Then in 1977, local artist Ralphael Plescia  repaired the statues.  During 31 years following the repairs, Utah weather had taken its toll on the beautiful lions. In 2008,  new lions were constructed and placed on the East and West entrances. 

The new lions were sculpted out of white Italian  marble by master stone carver Nick Fairplay. The  Italian marble, due to its durability, was chosen in order to  extend the lives of the lions. The original lions were sculpted out of  cement, which is much more likely to become corrosive over time.


imageswork pleaseThe lions were constructed to depict not only the symbolism in their names but also to represent different stages in life as well.

              Integrity                         Fortitude                                               Honor                                       Patience                                    

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The lions rest on the East and West entrances of the Capitol. Bring your friends and family for a FREE tour to visit the lions, as well as the rest of the Capitol.  Tours are given every hour on the hour from 9:00AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.