Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Utah in the Union: The Story of the 45th State

Officially Opening MARCH 3, 2010!!!

On Statehood Day, Monday, January 4, 2010, the Capitol Preservation Board will begin the process of installing a newly developed free exhibit of documents, memorabilia, educator materials, artifacts and program called Utah in the Union: The Story of the 45th State, celebrating Utah’s 1896 entry into the Union.
The building-wide exhibition will be open from March 2010 through January 2011.The exhibit is specifically designed for Utah students and visitors to the state and those particularly curious about Utah’s history.
By March 3, 2010 – the day Utah Territorial Delegate of Congress Joseph Rawlins introduced the Enabling Act to the House of Representatives in Washington D.C., pushing Utah into statehood – all historical objects, educational display cases and vintage photographs related to Statehood will be in place throughout all areas of the Utah State Capitol.
Exhibits feature several major pieces relevant to Utah history. Objects of interest include an original 45 Star flag to be placed in the Freedom Shrine on the first floor of the Capitol, as well as one of the original copies of the Proceedings Utah Constitutional Convention, published in 1896. In addition, there will be a new 7.5 x 6 topographical map of Utah taken from space, more than 30 historic photographs of Statehood celebrations, and an interactive timeline illustrating Utah’s seven attempts to join the Union.
Capitol Curator Judith McConkie, PhD, stated, “We are indebted to scholars and collectors who have gone before,” she said. “The Utah State Capitol seems, however, a fitting place for assembling a free and educational exhibit throughout the Capitol, especially for school children studying the history of Utah and visitors to our state.”
The Capitol Preservation Board would like to give a special thanks to those who have helped contribute to this exciting and worthy exhibition: The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Church History Library, KUED, Utah State Historical Society and Archives, various state newspaper organizations and universities who have all contributed generously to the exhibition, helping to celebrate the 45th state.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The U.S.S. Utah Battleship Exhibit Continues

The free exhibition of the U.S.S. Utah battleship will continue to run until the beginning of February 2010. This exhibit, located on the 4th floor of the Utah State Capitol building, tells the story of the United States Navy’s largest battleship, later to become a training ship, which was to historically fall during the attack at Pearl Harbor.
Complete with beautifully arrayed display cases containing newspaper clippings, historical clothing, battleship artifacts and devises, and miniature replicas, as well as vintage photographs adorning the walls along the 4th floor galleries, this exhibit celebrates the history and significance of the U.S.S. Utah vividly.

No fee’s, appointments or tickets necessary. Just walk right in and view the exhibit at your own pace.
Check it out before it ends!!!!!!

U.S.S. Utah Brochure clippings.

This passage can be found inside the U.S.S. Utah exhibit brochure, available for free in the East entrance of the Utah State Capitol.
Because the image is hard to read, the contents are as follows:

The name of the United States Navy’s largest battleship, referred to as a dreadnought because of its compliment of enormous guns, was announced by Theodore Roosevelt in 1903 from the pulpit of the Salt Lake Tabernacle.
Six years later, she was launched with the words, “I christen thee Utah! God Speed!” by Mary Alice Spry, the 18-year old daughter of Utah’s governor William Spray and who had just begun the ambitious project of constructing the new state house. Spry involved the children of Utah in the official commissioning of the ship—an event attended by the Tabernacle Choir and elected dignitaries—by asking each child for a ten-cent donation toward the traditional purchase of a full set of sterling silver serving pieces bearing the navy seal and Utah Scenes.
For more than two decades as part of the Atlantic Fleet, the ship’s crew knew hard work, danger, heroism and their fair share of fun. They stood at attention as well as at ease on a magnificent ship and until she was retrofitted and re-commissioned as what one historian called the “newest radio Frankenstein” of the Pacific—a target training ship—until she docked at Pear Harbor in December, 1941.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

U.S.S. Utah exhibit Brochure!!

This brochure is available for free to all members of the Public and can be picked up at the East entrance of the Utah State Capitol next to the Visitor Services Center.



U.S.S. Utah Still Open!!!!!

U.S.S. Utah Closing in February!
The FREE U.S.S. Utah exhibit has been extended until February 7th. This exhibition, located on the fourth floor of the Utah State Capitol building, celebrates the history and significance of one of the most famous battleships at Pearl Harbor.
With beautiful display cases containing newspaper clippings, clothing from crew members, battleship artifacts, and miniature replicas, as well as walls covered with historical photographs of the ship and its people, there is something for everyone.

Make sure you make it up to the Capitol to see this historically powered exhibit before it closes!

No fee’s, appointments or tickets necessary. Just walk right in and view the exhibit at your own pace.

Check it out before it ends!!!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

History Facts: From Arsenal Hill to Capitol Hill

In 1911, the Capitol Commission, created to oversee the building of the State Capitol, focused their efforts on choosing the location of the building.
They contracted one of the most celebrated landscape design firms in the country - the Olmsted Brothers of Brookline, Massachusetts. John C. Olmsted, the son of famed landscape architect Fred Olmsted, visited Salt Lake City. He drew a group of potential plans to transform what was then known as Arsenal Hill (the site of local munitions storage) to the Capitol Hill that we know today. Capitol architect Richard K.A. Kletting drew the final landscape plans and work on the Capitol commenced in 1912. Financial difficulties prevented the realization of Kletting’s original plans for the complex. Yet today some of the central elements of his initial designs are realized through the Capitol Preservation Project.

Read more of the story HERE!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ability and Choice Services Choir sing inside the Rotunda of the Utah State Capitol

See more videos on our Youtube HERE!!!

Ability and Choice Services Christmas Choir Performance

The Capitol Preservation Board was honored to receive the beautiful talents of the Ability and Choice Services Choir today inside the Rotunda.
The choir performances began at 11 a.m. by the direction of Tracy Jones and her Assistant Director Merla W.
This choir works with the disabled adult program from the Ability and Choice Services. They preformed nine songs ending with “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” where they invited the audience to join.
The Capitol Preservation Board would like to give their thanks and appreciation to this wonderful group for sharing their time and talents with us today.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Utah Press Association Case is here!

This case is located on the Basement level of the Utah State Capitol next to the Legislative Printing office and the Northwest public elevator. It tells the story of all newspapers created and established in Utah.

These pictures highlight the case.

Stay Updated about the Utah State Legislature

By clicking on the Utah State Legislature site, you will be able to interact and connect with important political information effecting you and the state you live in!

On this site you will :

View the 2010 General Session Page.
Learn about upcoming Bills.
Get to know your Legislators.
Read the Citizen's Guide.
And much more!!!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

History in the News: Utah woman blazed trail in state politics

By Marc Haddock
Deseret News

In 1896, Martha Hughes Cannon spent a total of $35 in the campaign that led to her election as a member of Utah's fledgling state Senate.
It was a seminal moment in U.S. politics. In that election, Cannon became the first woman in America to be elected to any state senate. The fact that she defeated her husband in the election made her victory part of Utah's folklore.
As a pioneer doctor, a champion of public health, and a polygamist's wife who was also a leader in the suffragist movement, Cannon carved out a unique place in the annals of the state's history.
The Martha Hughes Cannon Health Building was dedicated in her honor in 1986. An eight-foot bronze statue of her was installed in the Utah Capitol Rotunda in 1996, 100 years after her path-breaking election. The statue was recently re-installed on the Capitol grounds following the building renovation.
Photo researcher Ron Fox has culled the newspaper and other photo archives, and many of those photos can now be seen at the newspaper's Web site,
Martha Maria Hughes was 2 years old when her family converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and emigrated from Wales to New York. A year later the family crossed the Plains to Salt Lake City, burying Mattie's 21-month-old sister in an unmarked grave beside the trail. Her father died days after reaching Salt Lake City in September of 1861.
Martha Hughes was working as a schoolteacher at the age of 14 and worked her way through the University of Deseret as a typesetter for the Deseret Evening News and the Women's Exponent, an LDS Relief Society magazine.
After two years of pre-med studies, she was blessed and set apart by President John Taylor of the LDS Church to study medicine and headed off to the University of Michigan, where she graduated with a medical degree on her 23rd birthday, July 1, 1880. She studied for two more years, earning a degree in pharmacy and oratory.
See more pictures and read more of the story HERE!

Governor's Budget re-cap!

Information Used from the Senate Site.

Great Christmas Gift!!!!! Famous Capitol Ornaments are in.

Come and browse our selection of unique and beautiful Capitol ornaments. Each one depicts an aspect critical to the Capitol and its character. These ornaments are engraved with the year they were created, from 2003 to 2008. Our 2004 ornament kicks off the reconstruction and restoration of the Utah State Capitol Building. The 2006 ornament features the painting of the Caroline Bridge, hanging inside the Supreme Court Chamber of Utah’s Capitol.

Price: $5.99-$16.00

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Show Honor with a Flag

Honor your Hero and show your patriotism with a flag that has flown over the Utah State Capitol. Each flag is sealed in its own plastic wrapping and comes with an official certificate. We carry 3x5 sizes of the American Flag as well as our own Utah State Flag.

Price: $25.99 Utah State Flag and $29.99 American Flag

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

more in the News: Utah Capitol architect resigning

ABC 4 News

The executive director and architect of the Capitol Preservation Board is resigning.David Hart, who oversaw the $250 million renovation of the Utah Capitol, announced his resignation Tuesday.
Hart's last day will be Dec. 31.
He is leaving his job to join MOCA Systems, a Boston-based project management company, as a vice president and regional manager.
The company is opening a Salt Lake office and is expected to help build the federal government's nearly $2 billion spy center planned for Camp Williams.
Capitol Preservation Board spokeswoman Allyson Gamble will serve as interim director.

read more HERE!!

Big News: Utah Capitol renovation director quits!!!!

By Lisa Riley Roche
Deseret News

David Hart, who oversaw the $250 million renovation of the Utah Capitol during his decade with the state, announced his resignation Tuesday.
Hart, executive director and architect of the Capitol Preservation Board, said he joining MOCA Systems, a Boston-based project management company, as a vice president and regional manager.
The company is opening a Salt Lake office and reportedly will help with construction of the federal government's nearly $2 billion spy center planned for Camp Williams.
"I realized all the goals I had set had been achieved," Hart said. The Capitol renovation, which took four years, included a massive earthquake retrofit of the granite building.
Tuesday, he told board members, including leaders of all three branches of government, that they have reached an "important milestone," moving from renovators to preservationists.
After a closed session, the board appointed its spokeswoman, Allyson Gamble, to be interim director during a review of how the statehouse complex is run.
"We realize this is a change in direction, and we want to make sure we get it right," said the board's chairman, Lt. Gov. Greg Bell. The review could take several months, he said.
Although there has been some talk of changing the structure of the board, Bell said he doubted that would be recommended. Instead, he said, the review will focus on the role of the executive director and other staff.

Read more of the story HERE!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Utah State Capitol Commission by Richard Tholen

In 1909, acting as president of the duly authorized Capitol Commission, Utah’s
Governor William Spry issued the proclamation naming the commission members who
would ultimately preside at the 1916 ceremonies opening the Utah State Capitol.

The proclamation began: “WHEREAS, Under the provisions of Section 1, of
Chapter 64, Laws of Utah, 1909, the Governor is directed to appoint a Commission to
be known as the Capitol Commission . . . ” With that preamble, the governor announced
the other members of the seven-man Commission:
• Secretary of State C.S. Tingey
• Attorney General A.R. Barnes
• Apostle John Henry Smith of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints and president of the Utah Constitutional Convention in 1895
• Mr. John Dern, banker and leading Salt Lake businessman
• Mr. C.E. Loose, Provo banker and a owner of mining and industrial
• Mr. M.S. Browning, vice president of Ogden’s Browning Arms Company

The Commission appointed John K. Hardy, the governor's secretary, as "Acting
Secretary." David Mattson, the newly elected Secretary of State, succeeded C.D. Tingey,
and Anthon H. Lund was appointed to fill the vacancy created by the death of John Henry
Smith. Upon his release as a member of the Commission Mr. Tingey was named its
secretary Acting Secretary John K. Hardy.

Beginning in May of 1911, the Commission met regularly for the next seven years
to oversee numberless studies and proposals, the selection of an architect and other
contractors, the contracts for all participants, and enough acrimonious disputes to satisfy
even the most feisty politico. For example, only four months after the first meeting the
Commission published a Program of Competition for the selection of an architect.
The Commission served at its own expense with the exception of their secretary,
who received a modest $100.0T0 per month stipend. That amount was later increased to
$150.00 per month. Secretary Tingey kept meticulous minutes of the meetings. The record
provides a fascinating glimpse into history.

Just two and one half years from laying the cornerstone the Commission was ready
for a formal grand opening on October 9, 1916. In the evening a general public reception
was held – the guests being received by the governor and members of the Commission in
the State Reception Room. Estimates of attendance at the festivities put the number at thirty
thousand guests were received.

The Capitol Commission met for the last time on December 29, 1916, and Secretary
Tingey, presented its biennial report." Copies of the last annual report, dated January 4
1917, (when the Legislature convened) were to be bound, prepared and delivered to the
members. The minutes of that late December meeting are the last entry in more than 545
pages of commission minutes. They illustrate how diligently the Commission had worked.
They were and were faithful overseers of every aspect of Utah’s beautiful, new State

Capitol Preservation Board meeting

The Capitol Preservation Board meeting will take place at 2:30 p.m. in the Utah State Capitol complex Board Room located on the East side of the Rotunda.
The Board, created in 1998 by Utah’s Legislature and Governor Leavitt, is headed by all three branches of government. Namely, the Governor, the Chief Justice, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House (or their appointees), the Attorney General, the State Treasurer, the State Historic Preservation Officer and a number of legislators. Each member of the Board currently serves for the length of their term in office.

Learn more about CPB HERE!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Volunteer to be a Capitol Docent

The Visitor Services Center at the Utah State Capitol would love your help! Volunteer docents lead visitors through the Capitol on exciting, creative tours. Volunteering as a docent is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Capitol and the activities that occur on Capitol Hill. Volunteers also provide a wonderful service to the community. To find out more about volunteering at the Capitol please call 538-1800 or send an e-mail to
Click HERE for more info.

In the News: Utahns asked to help neighbors this weekend

SALT LAKE CITY -- The Utah Food Bank launched a massive food drive Friday aimed at helping your neighbor.
At a news conference in Salt Lake, speakers talked about how great the need is this year. One volunteer said things have become so bad, some people who donated a year ago are standing in the food line this year.
That's why Gov. Gary Herbert designated Saturday, Dec 5, as "Help Your Neighbor Day."
All people who are able are asked to donate a sack of canned food at any Smith's Food store or directly to the Utah Food Bank everybody in Utah will be able to have something to eat.

Read more HERE!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

News From the Governors Office.

Governor, Lt. Governor Encourage Utahns to Participate in 'Help Your Neighbor Day'

SALT LAKE CITY - The Governor's Office is joining forces with religious and civic leaders across the State to encourage all Utahns to help their neighbors by donating a grocery bag of canned food to support those in need this holiday season.
Governor Gary R. Herbert has formally designated Saturday, Dec. 5, as "Help Your Neighbor Day." Lt. Governor Greg Bell will read the declaration, which cites an increasing demand for services during the winter months, at a Friday news conference at the Utah State Capitol.
Items can be delivered to any Smith's location statewide, the Utah Food Bank (3150 South 900 West) and regional food banks and emergency food banks throughout Utah.
"As Utahns, we truly are blessed this holiday season," Governor Herbert said. "But there are still those among us who are facing challenges. Lt. Governor Bell and I ask that all Utahns think of their neighbors during this season of giving and reach out to them this Saturday."

WHO: Lt. Governor Greg Bell, the Utah Food Bank and religious and civic leaders from the Alliance for Unity
WHAT: Will announce "Help Your Neighbor Day" in Utah and ask that all Utahns donate a bag of canned food to those in need on Saturday, Dec. 5
WHEN: Friday, Dec. 4 at 3 p.m.
WHERE: South steps of the Utah State Capitol

Read more HERE!!

In the News: State Senator Scott McCoy resigns

ABC 4 News
Reported by: Chris Vanocur

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Scott McCoy is resigning his position in the Utah State was the first to break this story early Tuesday afternoon.His resignation is effective Friday, December 4th. McCoy is the state senate's only openly gay member.In a statement released to ABC 4 News, McCoy said:
“I’ve been honored to serve the citizens of Utah and of District 2 for the last four years. My time in the Senate has been profoundly rewarding, but also an enormous personal sacrifice. The senators and representatives of Utah really make a terrific commitment of their time for the benefit of this state. It’s not just during the 45 days of the session. It’s every day and night. It’s during interims and constituent phone calls. My hat is off to my 103 colleagues who make this sacrifice day in and day out, every year.
“I’ve personally come to a crossroads in my career where I need to devote my full time and energy to the practice of law. To do any less is a disservice to my firm and my family. Unfortunately, I simply cannot find the necessary time to be a successful attorney and give the time and energy to fully represent the residents of my district.
“I’m very proud of the work I was able to accomplish as a Senator. We changed important policies, opened many minds, and broke down many barriers. Certainly, there is much more to be done. But for now, I need to leave that work in other capable hands.”
Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker expressed his appreciation to Senator McCoy, saying he has been a strong, articulate force in the State Senate. Becker also gives his full support to senior staff member Ben McAdams who shows interest in seeking to fill Scott McCoy's senate seat.

Read it HERE!!

More about U.S.S. Utah!!

U.S.S. Utah Exhibit Opens at the Capitol

A special exhibit about the U.S.S. Utah opened on March 9, 2009 at the Capitol and will remain there until December 7, 2009. The exhibit is the first of its type since the re-opening of the Capitol in January of 2008. It is an effort of the Capitol Preservation Board staff, the Fort Douglas Military Museum, and interested individuals. Its opening marks the U.S.S. Utah’s 100th anniversary year. The production of the exhibit was sponsored by a generous contribution from, a part of the Generations Network.

The original design of the Capitol included gallery space for exhibitions mounted by the Utah Art Institute. The law governing the Institute was a bill referred to simply as the Art Bill of 1899. Written and sponsored by Alice Merrill Horne, the bill created a mechanism, the first in the country, for sponsoring arts education in schools. It also made provision for sponsoring artists in Utah by purchasing and exhibiting the visual arts. The galleries on the Fourth Floor were designed, together with a Board Room, for the Art Institute. As part of the renovation of the Capitol, the Fourth Floor Galleries will feature rotating exhibits, some curated by the Capitol Preservation Board Office staff, some by visiting and collaborating museums and individuals. All exhibits will feature educator materials for pre- and post-visit (as well as classroom) activities for 4th and 7th graders whose curricula includes Utah History and Civics. This exhibit opens that program.

Find out more HERE!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Re-Cap!

Hundreds of needy Utah families received a Thanksgiving dinner who otherwise would have gone hungry.

Representatives with the Salt Lake City Mission say they served between two and three thousand people on Thanksgiving Day.

They also handed out clothing and personal care products. However the mission still needs help because donations have been down this year.
For more information on how you can help the mission or to make a donation, please log on to

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CAPITOL in the News!!!! - Real soccer champs celebrate victory with fans

Capitol in the News! RSL fans celebrate club's first title- sltrib.

By Rosemary Winters
The Salt Lake Tribune

Sandy » Fans celebrated Real Salt Lake's championship trophy with high-fives, boisterous chants and plenty of hearty yells Tuesday.
On a day Utah Gov. Gary Herbert declared "Real Salt Lake Day," soccer lovers flocked to big bashes at the state Capitol and the team's Sandy stadium -- some of them even lined the route in between to wave to RSL's motorcade.
On Tuesday, about 6,000 fans spilled into Rio Tinto Stadium to cheer the team's momentous win against the star-studded Los Angeles Galaxy on Sunday for the 2009 Major League Soccer championship.
"This team earned it," Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan said. "In our galaxy, these are the stars."

read article HERE!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New REAL SL videos on our Youtube!!!

State Capitol to Pay Tribute to the RSL Champions!

Governor Gary Herbert is to congratulate Real Salt Lake teammates on their MLS Cup 2009 Championship in a public press conference at 3 p.m. on the South steps of the Utah State Capitol complex.
After the celebration on Capitol Hill, the team will continue on to their Rio Tinto Stadium home in Sandy, where they will invite fans for the Celebration Rally.
Gates at Rio Tinto Stadium will open for fans at 5:00 p.m., with the festivities kicking off at 5:30 p.m.

Test your Thanksgiving Day IQ

Story from the Deseret News written by By Carma Wadley

1. Many ancient cultures celebrated harvest festivals, including the Greeks. Who was the Greek goddess of the harvest?
a. Artemis
b. Athena
c. Demeter
d. Hestia

2. Two ships were set to bring the Pilgrims to the New World, but one developed leaks so everyone crowded onto the Mayflower. What was the name of the other ship?
a. Speedwell
b. Newhope
c. Argus
d. Liberty

3. How many Pilgrims were aboard the Mayflower?
a. 54
b. 102
c. 156
d. 204

4. What was the Mayflower Compact?
a. An agreement between the Pilgrims and the shipping company to take them to Virginia.
b. A document signed by passengers that became the basis for government in the colony.
c. A pledge of religious tolerance and freedom.
d. An agreement signed by passengers that they would abide by certain rules aboard ship.

5. After they arrived, the Pilgrims were befriended by Indians of which tribe?
a. Ojibwa
b. Maskegon
c. Algonquin
d. Wampanoag

6. A famous statue of Chief Massasoit stands in Plymouth, Mass., and on the Utah State Capitol grounds. Who was the sculptor of this statue?
a. Cyrus Dallin
b. Mahonri Young
c. Truman O. Angell
d. Frederic Remington

7. Who was the first governor of the Plymouth Colony?
a. William Bradford
b. John Smith
c. John Carver
d. Roger Williams

8. The Plymouth Colony eventually had its charter revoked by England and it ended up as part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. How many years did Plymouth exist as a separate colony?
a. 47 years
b. 72 years
c. 90 years
d. 104 years

9. Which of the following food was definitely NOT part of the 1621 feast?
a. Cranberries
b. Sweet potatoes
c. Pumpkin
d. White potatoes

10. Until the 1930s most of the cranberries sold in this country were sold as fresh berries. Then growers started making juice, sauce and other products. What percentage of cranberries are sold as fresh berries today?
a. 5 percent
b. 25 percent
c. 40 percent
d. 60 percent

11. Which state leads the country in the production of turkeys?
a. California
b. North Carolina
c. Minnesota
d. Utah

12. What is the red, fleshy grown on the head and neck of the turkey called?
a. Waddle
b. Snood
c. Caruncle
d. Comb

Find your answers HERE!

National Champions bring Honor to Utah!

Real Salt Lake To Celebrate MLS Cup 2009 Title

Fans Invited to Join MLS Champions for Utah Gov. Gary Herbert's Recognition on Steps of the Utah State Capitol at 3:00 p.m. MT

SANDY, UT - Having arrived to a spirited welcome from several hundred fans earlier today at Salt Lake City International Airport, the Real Salt Lake family will rest easy tonight before bringing its celebration to the people of Utah TOMORROW, Tuesday, Nov. 24, when the club will host events stretching from the State Capitol to Sandy in celebration of the Utah side's MLS Cup 2009 Championship. Real Salt Lake claimed Major League Soccer's title Sunday evening at Seattle's Qwest Field by defeating the Los Angeles Galaxy, 5-4, in seven rounds of penalty kicks following a 1-1 draw in regulation and overtime, providing Utah sports fans with their first champion in a major professional league since 1971, when the Utah Stars claimed the American Basketball Association title.
To begin the day, the team will serve as guests of Utah Governor Gary Herbert and the State's First Lady at a special luncheon at the Governor's Mansion, which will be followed by a 3:00 p.m. public celebration on the south steps of the Utah State Capitol building. Governor Herbert and other dignitaries will congratulate Utah's champions before giving way to addresses from RSL Owner Dave Checketts, Head Coach Jason Kreis, and Captain Kyle Beckerman, among others.
Read more of the story HERE!

Monday, November 23, 2009

U.S.S. Utah in the News!

A salute to the USS Utah

87-year-old William Hughes, a crew member of the USS Utah and a Pearl Harbor survivor, watches as the color guards present colors at the Utah State Capitol during the 100th anniversary of the ship's construction Monday. Artifacts from the ship were also placed on display and will be exhibited through the end of the year. The USS Utah was bombed and quickly capsized at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Fifty-eight enlisted men and six officers died when the Utah sank.

Read about it HERE!
Photo from the Deseret News

STATE NEWS: Utah Continues to Rank High in Economic Development and Business Creation

Recent rankings support economic development success in Utah and its cities!

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development is pleased that Utah cities and the State of Utah continues to receive economic development recognition in national surveys. Earlier this year, Utah ranked number 2 overall in the prestigious “Top 10 Pro-Business States” from Pollina Corporate. In their report “Rebuilding American’s Economic Power” they ranked each state in the annual study based on job retention and creation. Utah outperformed not only the western states but most of the rest of the country.

Recently, released its ranking of the top 50 places in America to start a business. Logan, Utah is one of only three cities west of the Mississippi to receive the recognition in the reports small metro section as a “Best Place to Start a Business.”
Logan has a wide diversity of economic sectors with a focus on Education, Manufacturing and Processing, Health, Agriculture, Retail and Business Services. The city’s largest employer is Utah State University, other large employers include the Cache County School District, IHC operated Logan Regional Hospital, Thermo-Fisher Laboratories, and Gossner Foods.Because of Logan’s economic climate, a number of Utah companies have chosen to headquarter their businesses in the city including Icon Health & Fitness, Hogi Yogi, S&S Power, Campbell Scientific, and NewDawn Technologies. Logan’s tax structure and pro business environment has made Logan an excellent choice for starting and growing a business according to the CNNMoney report.

Read the rest of the article HERE!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Interim Parking today!

Please be aware this week we have interim meetings, Tuesday, November 17 and Wednesday, November 18. Interim parking includes all of reserved Plaza underground, all of G Lot and the posted areas in the upper surface lots. Thank you for your cooperation.
Hope you are enjoying the fall weather.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rate Your Capitols!!!

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Stuff for the Kids!!!

Check out the picture and link below to get your kids involved with Utah history, Capitol facts and government & civics information!!! These games and activities were specifically created to educate while entertaining.

Try out these games and allow your children to interact personally with the Utah State Capitol.

More activities to follow!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Paying Respect for our Veterans

Although we are a day late, the Capitol Preservation Board would like to pay their respect for the men and women who helped serve this wonderful country throughout the years!

Happy Veterans Day to all!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

U.S.S. Utah exhibit Event!

The U.S.S. Utah exhibit, located on the 4th floor of the Utah State Capitol building, will be closing in December. To help gain awareness of this closing event, the Utah State Capitol facebook FAN page has created an event page with event information, pictures, videos and contact information.
Click on the picture below to view the EVENT PAGE and join those attending before it is too late!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Massasoit Re-instillation Pictures!

Massasoit statue at the Utah State Capitol

Massasoit returned to the Utah State Capitol on November 5, 2009 after brief interviews with the media. Complete with a granite base and bronze plaque, Massasoit now stands on the East side of the Capitol complex.
Among those in attendance to welcome Massasoit back, were three of his decedents living in Utah. Tenth generation descendent, Glenn Baldwin and his wife Lois, from Salt Lake City, traveled up to view the re-instillation and met with former decedents, Mary Hilliard, 11th generation descendent from Ogden, and her daughter Joni Crane, 12th generation descendent from Vernal.
All three descendents were able to relate some history of Massasoit and take pictures with the famous statue after it had been erected.
They spoke with Denice Dallin Wheeler, relative to Cyrus E. Dallin, the internationally famous sculptor from Utah who sculpted Massasoit and offered him as a gift to the Utah State Capitol in 1922. Wheeler was happy to represent her famous Uncle by giving interviews with the media and speaking personally with the public.
After the re-instillation press conference, lasting no more than an hour, Massasoit was left to welcome future visitors to his new home at the Utah State Capitol.

Re-instillation of Massasoit

Re-instillation on November 5, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Massasoit Comes Tomorrow!

Massasoit will be returning to the Utah State Capitol tomorrow durring a press confrence held at 11 a.m. on the East side of the Main Capitol Complex.
Massasoit, created by nationally recognized sculptor and Utah native Cyrus E. Dallin, is famously known as the Wampanoags Nation Chief who first welcomed the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock after they disembarked from the Mayflower.
Dallin’s sculpture was first unveiled at the Utah State Capitol on July 31, 1922 at a time when Utah struggled economically. The State graciously accepted the generous gift from one of its most famous sons, adding to the Capitol beautiful artwork they could not have otherwise afforded.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Election Day- Parking Tomorrow

Because November 3, 2009 is Eection day, the Capitol Complex has been selected as a voting site for several precincts. Please know we will have a lot of public needing to park their vehicles in the public parking areas. I think most cars will be in the East visitor parking areas since they are using the Beehive Room.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Massasoit Pictures!

View more pictures of Massasoit on picasa HERE!!

Chief Massasoit returns to the Utah State Capitol

Salt Lake City, Utah –
At 11 a.m. on Thursday, November 5, 2009, the monumental bronze sculpture of Massasoit, created by nationally recognized sculptor Cyrus E. Dallin, will return to the Utah State Capitol Grounds. The sculpture greets visitors as they enter the Capitol Hill Complex from the east side of the Capitol. A brief press conference related to the re-installation will take place at the foot of the statue at the time of installation.

Massasoit is famously known as the Wampanoags Nation Chief who first welcomed the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock after they disembarked from the Mayflower. Dallin created the sculpture in the 1920’s. He was born and raised in Springville, Utah, and is known internationally for his realistic rendering of Chief Massasoit as well as the Angel Moroni statue that sits on top of the Salt Lake City Temple.

Dallin’s sculpture was first unveiled at the Utah State Capitol on July 31, 1922 at a time when Utah struggled economically. The State graciously accepted the generous gift from one of its most famous sons, adding to the Capitol beautiful artwork they could not have otherwise afforded.

During the first unveiling, Dallin expressed his desire that the state accept the gift as a token of his love for his native state of Utah. “These mountains are linked with the story of the Indian,” he said. “In setting up this man of peace, who saved the Plymouth Colony, I have a hope…that I might model the old Chief Washakie of the Shoshones, who, too, was a man of peace; and he wielded as potent and saving an influence over the first Pioneers…as ever did Massasoit over the Pilgrims.”

Classically trained in Paris, Dallin practiced sculpting during a period in art history which was a flowering of classical architecture and sculpture.

Capitol Curator Judith McConkie, PhD, noting that Massasoit is often compared to famous European sculptures, states that “The pose and the idealized body are a direct homage to Michelangelo’s David”.

Massasoit originally stood in the center of the Capitol’s Rotunda from 1923 until 1957, when it was moved outside to the South entrance of the Capitol Hill Complex. Now, complete with a new platform, Dallin’s beloved sculpture will be able to once again call Utah’s Capitol home.

U.S.S. Utah Closing on DEC. 7th

The FREE U.S.S. Utah exhibit will be coming to an end on December 7th. This exhibit, located on the fourth floor of the Utah State Capitol building, celebrates the history and significance of one of the most famous battleships at Pearl Harbor.
With beautiful display cases containing newspapers, clothing, battleship artifacts, and miniature replicas, as well as walls covered with historical photographs of the ship and its people, there is something for everyone.

Make sure you make it up to the Capitol to see this historically powered exhibit before it closes!

Picasa Uploads!!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Governor’s Office Halloween Party

Happy Halloween” and “Trick or Treat” were popular phrases uttered on Thursday at the Utah State Capitol building. Throwing their annual Halloween party, the Governor’s Office staff invited fellow staff members and their families to dress up and participate in the festivities. Children and adults alike dressed up in an array of colors and costumes, walking from office to office Trick-or-treating throughout the Capitol complex.

Pictures of this fun event will be posted soon!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Capitol Hill Scheduling

Anyone interested in scheduling events on Capitol Hill will be pleased to see some changes to the Web site. The Utah Capitol Hill Scheduling Web site received changes to help include a more interactive feel for the public. The site includes new pictures, room descriptions, capacity, price and easy-to-fill application forms. Each room also offers the option to view a PDF of room diagram.
On the link provided below, view all 21 rooms and set up your next event here on Capitol Hill!

Visual Tour of the Utah State Capitol

Preview the Utah State Capitol!!!
Click on the picture below to link to an interactive Visual Tour of our beautiful building.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More and More Followers!

The UT State Capitol Twitter account is gaining more followers each day!
Click on the link below to follow us and gain instant updates of events and Capitol news happening each day.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Capitol Lions on Ebay!

What would you pay for a piece of Utah state Capitol history?

Beginning Monday, the original concrete lions from the Capitol will be placed for auction on eBay. The auction will end Oct. 8.
The lions, created in 1915 by sculptor Gavin Jack, were prominent fixtures on Capitol Hill until 2004, when the restoration of the Capitol began.
The Capitol Preservation Board decided to replace the original lions with new ones made from a longer-lasting material.
"The original lions were made of concrete, which is a material that weathers poorly and requires a high amount of maintenance. The new lions, sculpted by master stone carver Nick Fairplay, are made from a high-quality marble, which will endure for generations to come," said David Hart, preservation board executive director.
Several organizations have approached the board about buying the old lions. To give equal opportunity to all interested parties, the board opted to put them up for public auction.
For more information, call 801.537.9156

Summer Interns Pic's

Thank you Janet Brown and Debbie Smith for sending us more pictures of our summre Interns at work!! We have enjoyed their work and loved getting to know them!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lost and Found located in the Capitol Preservation Board

Capitol Hill's Lost and Found is located in the offices of the
Capitol Preservation Board
120 State Capitol

If You've Lost Something:
Leave your name, phone number, email address, and a full discription of the missing object.

If You've Found Something:
Leave a full discription of where you found the object.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Friday, September 18, 2009

A Sincere Thanks!

Allyson Gamble and the Capitol Preservation Board Interns would like to show their appreciation for the friendly help and support they all have received from their wonderful Job Coaches at the Workforce Services!!
Thank you Janet Brown and Debbie Smith for your personal friendship and dedication to each and everyone of us! We couldn't have had such a positive experience without both of you!
In the words of one of our Interns, "You are the best Job Coaches ever!!"

Governors: Olene Smith Walker

Olene Smith Walker was born in Ogden, Utah. She received her bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees from Brigham Young University, Stanford University, and University of Utah, respectively. From 1969 to 1992, Walker served as vice president of Country Crisp Foods, a family business.

Before entering politics, Walker founded the Salt Lake Education Foundation and served as its director. She also served as director of the Utah Division of Community Development. Walker was a representative in the state Legislature for eight years and served a term as majority whip. She was Utah’s first woman to be lieutenant governor and spearheaded many important initiatives including education programs, healthcare reform and workforce development. She led the Healthcare Reform Task Force that established the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), ensuring affordable healthcare for Utah’s children.

When Governor Leavitt resigned to serve as Administrator of the EPA, Walker became the first woman in Utah to be governor. During her term as governor, Walker was committed to funding education, providing affordable housing, and supporting literacy programs.


William “Bill” Ferrin Whitaker, Jr. (1943– ), son of painter William Whitaker, Sr., grew up surrounded by art. He earned his degree from the University of Utah and later taught at Brigham Young University. Whitaker studied under the famous Utah artist Alvin Gittins and is known for his beautiful portraits of Mormon church officials and other prominent people. He also painted Governor Leavitt’s portrait.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Governors: Michael Okerlund Leavitt

Michael Okerlund Leavitt was born in Cedar City, Utah in 1951. He graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in business and economics. Leavitt joined the Leavitt Group, a regional insurance organization founded by his father, and later became president and chief executive officer of the company. Leavitt also served as a member of the Utah State Board of Regents.

Leavitt won the 1992 election for governor with running mate Olene Walker, who became the first woman to serve as Utah’s Lieutenant Governor. During Leavitt’s administration, independent public policy analysts ranked Utah among the best-managed states in the nation. Also during Leavitt’s administration, the state experienced its longest sustained economic expansion in its history. Governor Leavitt made education a priority during his three terms in office and saw education become the highest funding priority of the state government during his 11-year tenure.

In 2003, President George W. Bush nominated Governor Leavitt to the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Leavitt accepted the position and resigned as governor in November 2003. In January 2005, Leavitt was nominated and confirmed as the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services.


William “Bill” Ferrin Whitaker, Jr. (1943– ), son of painter William Whitaker, Sr., grew up surrounded by art. He earned his degree from the University of Utah and later taught at Brigham Young University. Whitaker studied under the famous Utah artist Alvin Gittins and is known for his beautiful portraits of Mormon church officials and other prominent people. He also painted Governor Walker’s portrait.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Governors: Norman Howard Bangerter

Norman Howard Bangerter was born in 1933 in rural Salt Lake County. For 50 years, with the exception of his college and army days, he lived less than ten blocks from the farmhouse where he was born. He attended the University of Utah and Brigham Young University before serving in the U.S. Army in Korea from 1953–54.

Bangerter began his career as a contractor and over the years became a successful home builder and real estate developer. He entered politics in 1974 after winning a seat in the Utah House of Representatives. His leadership skills helped him become the first Speaker of the House to serve two terms in over 40 years. He became governor in 1984—the state’s first Republican Governor in 20 years. Bangerter outlined his administration’s top priorities, which he called the “Three Es”—education, economic development, and efficiency in government. A fourth “E”, for environment, was added a few years later.

Facing economic difficulties, Bangerter campaigned aggressively to rebuild the state’s economy and successfully recruited new businesses and industries to the state. By his second term, Utah’s economy was growing even during a national recession. During his eight years in office, Bangerter oversaw the establishment of the State Court of Appeals, increased funding and higher test scores for Utah schools, the construction of a performing arts building at the University of Utah and new facilities at the state prison.


E. Keith Eddington (1923–2007) was born in Philadelphia and raised in Lehi, Utah. He served in World War II in both the European and Pacific theaters. Eddington studied art at the University of Utah and was the student of famous artists Arnold Friberg and Alvin Gittins. He later joined the faculty at the University of Utah where he taught for 20 years. During his successful career, he also taught at Brigham Young University and was the head of Keith Eddington and Associates, a highly respected graphic design firm in Salt Lake City. During his retirement, he continued to paint portraits.

Legislative Parking today.

Please be aware that we have Interim parking today.
Interim days are usually the third Tuesday and Wednesday of the month.

Interim parking includes all of reserved Plaza parking underground, all of the west lot of the campus and the posted areas in the upper surface lots.

Thanks for your understanding!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Movie Ideas

People have been responding to ideas on what movies we can play at next summer's Movie Under the Stars!!!
Some ideas include: Back to the Future, Toy Story, Nemo, Narnia, Singing In the Rain, Casablanca....and much much more!

Share you're input with us on our facebook fan page at

Governors: Scott Milne Matheson


Scott Milne Matheson was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1929. During the early 1930s, his family moved to Parowan, Utah and then later moved to Salt Lake City. He attended East High School and then University of Utah before graduating from Stanford University Law School in 1952. Matheson practiced law in Cedar City for several years and then moved to Salt Lake City to work as the deputy attorney for Salt Lake County. He then worked for the legal department of the Union Pacific Railroad.

An active member of the Democratic party since college, Matheson ran for governor in 1976 and won, making him one of the few Democrats to win that year. At his inauguration, Matheson declined the traditional military cannon salute to emphasize his inaugural address, which stressed the need to use Utah’s resources wisely and to protect the environment.

Matheson faced many challenges during his two terms as governor: devastating drought, increasing population, growing inflation, spiraling Medicaid costs, and fast-growing enrollment in schools. Matheson successfully protested the location of an MX missile system in Utah and the transfer of nerve gas bombs to the state. Because environmental issues were important to Matheson, he opposed nuclear waster dumps in Utah. Three-thousand acres of the Deep Creek Mountains is named Scott’s Basin in honor of Matheson’s conservation efforts. Matheson had the foresight to see that computer technology would play an important role in the future and requested funds for the state to own and manage its own data processing system.


Alvin L. Gittins (1922–1981), one of Utah’s finest painters, came from England to study art at Brigham Young University. He later taught for many years at the University of Utah. Gittins was Utah’s most dominant portrait painter and was noted for his ability to capture his subject’s personality, as well as likeness, and for his masterly traditional styles. He also painted Governor Rampton’s portrait.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Utah State Capitol makes #1 List

According to Matthew Blazon of Allenstown, New Hampshire, the Utah State Capitol building is in line as number one for his favorite Capitol.
After visiting all 50 of the United States Capitol buildings, Blazon and his family agree that the “capitol buildings in the western states are more modern compared with the historical East Coast.,”
They said that out of all of the different Capitols, Utah’s had the most elaborate murals and architecture.

Thank you Blazon family for visiting the Utah State Capitol!!

The Official Number

7,500 people is the official number of those who participated and attended in Capitol Discovery Day this last September 29th!

Thanks to all who participated!! It was a huge success!