Friday, March 8, 2013

Historic Kanab All Women Town Council visits Utah State Capitol

Each day at the Capitol, we see visitors from all over Utah, the U.S., and the world -- but we never expected to welcome visitors from 1912! Today, Kanab City Mayor Nina Laycook arrived at the Capitol, along with five women elegantly dressed in period clothes, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the historic Kanab All Woman Town Council

Kanab City women playing the historic roles of (left to right): Luella McAllister, Blanche Hamblin, Mary Chamberlain, Tamar Hamblin, and Ada Seegmiller

In 1912, Kanab made history when voters elected the first all women town council in the United States. The council served until 1914. For more information on the original council, and the characters the women today portray, check out Utah History to Go.

Linda Alderman with her councilwoman's nametag
Linda Alderman (playing councilwoman Luella McAllister), Dickie Robinson (as councilwoman Blanche Hamblin), Joyce Rhodes (as Mayor Mary Chamberlain), Judy Habbeshaw (as councilwoman Tamar Hamblin), and Nayna Christensen (as councilwoman Ada Seegmiller) came prepared to give a short historical performance as a part of their celebration of service.  

¡Saludos a Guadalajara!
Students visiting the Capitol from Guadalajara, Mexico, were as taken with their costumes and gracious attitudes as we were. You go, girls!

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