Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tangled in Emme Packer



Join us this Friday for our last movie of the season.  Movie Under the Stars will be showing Tangled, with a live musical performance by Emme Packer.

Friday will be the last movie for this season and as such we have saved one of the best for last. Disney’s Tangled is a fun, family friendly movie that puts a twist on the classic Rapunzel story. In Disney's version of this classic tale, the audience is able to truly get to know the familiar characters, along with quite a few new ones. Rapunzel who is not allowed to leave her tower due to the fact that he Mother has told her that there are ruffians  in the world who want her hair. Yet, all she wants to do is visit the floating lights that illuminate the sky every night on her birthday. Then one day she meets a stranger, who changes her out look on the world. emme packer

Born and raised in a small farming community in rural Utah, Emme's vocal talent had been known to only a few until at age 18 she self released her first record, the aptly named "Dirty Street." Her brilliant self taught guitar style, honed through thousands of hours of practice in her parents basement, anchored her for her next releases "Better Luck Next Time." in 2005 and "Joy. The Machine." in 2007. The albums found her pitch perfect vocals shining through the paintings of her poetic "dream-scape" lyrics. Her audience suddenly became world wide and she began to tour across the U.S, Canada, and Japan. Artists such as; Sea Wolf, Lydia, Alive in Wild Paint, Kate Voegele, and Denison Witmer began to take notice and added Emme on as their opener. Her shows have given audiences a glimpse of her soothing, yet soaring vocals and her "not of this world" guitar skills. While her earnest words have tugged at heart strings world wide.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone this Friday. See you there!

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  1. Movie Under the Stars will be showing Tangled, with a live musical performance by Emme Packer.
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