Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kennecott Theater presents The Goonies

Kennecott Theater presents Movie Under The Stars Series:

The Goonies

The Capitol Preservation Board is excited to show The Goonies this Thursday, July 29, 2010. The 2010 movie series will feature at total of nine movies, Thursday evenings through August 26, 2010. The movies will be shown at dusk on the State Capitol's south-western lawn and is free to the public. There will be pre-movie musical performances and events each week prior to the featured film. This weeks performer will be Stark Raven - One of Utah's premier Rock and Blues bands.

We are thankful for the presenting sponsor Rio Tinto/Kennecott and our other sponsors; Utah Care Foundation, Utah Film Commission, Salt Lake Film Center and Harmons Grocery..

Plot: The Goonies (a band of young boys) are spending their last weekend hanging around their hometown, before it's razed for yuppie developers. Then Mikey Walsh (Sean Astin) uncovers a treasure map hidden in an old painting, and becomes obsessed with finding the lost treasure of the pirate One-Eyed Willie. With that treasure, they could save their town. But the hunt for treasure sends the Goonies, Mikey's long-suffering teenage brother (Josh Brolin), and a pair of teenage girls (Kerri Green and Martha Plimpton) into dangerous proximity to the murderous fugitives, the Fratellis. With the Fratellis on their tail, the Goonies are determinedly navigating the underground, booby-trap-infested tunnels that lead to the treasure -- or to a very nasty demise.

We look forward to seeing you Thursday evening at the Utah State Capitol!


  1. Is there anything you can do to improve parking for these movies? Maybe open up the parking lot at the capitol building? Everyone parks on the streets and last night a lot of people got parking tickets. It definitely ruined the night.