Tuesday, January 5, 2010

STATEHOOD quiz: Test your knowledge of Utah state history

Quiz Created by KSL's Amanda Butterfield and the Capitol Curator Judith McConkie.
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1 How many constitutions did Utah territorial leaders write in order to become a state?

2 How many territorial governors were sent from Washington, D.C. to be governors of Utah

3 Territory? (A trick question!)

4 Who was the first governor of Utah Territory?

5 How many counties were there when Utah entered the Union?

6 How many counties are there in Utah today?

7 What was the first name for the state?

8 Where did the name Utah come from?

9 How many stars on the 1896 United States flag?

10 Who was Utah's first state governor?

11 Where was he sworn in and why?

12 Where was Utah's first capital?

13 How many years did it take for Utah to become a state?

For quiz answers, click HERE!!!!

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