Wednesday, August 26, 2009

KODJ Song for the Governor

Governor Gary R. Herbert jammed out to the 50 Ways to be a Utahn song, written by Steve Harmon from KODJ, this morning during a live interview in the Capitol's Gold Room.
Lyrics below.
50 Ways to be a Utahn

The problem is your not actually from here, Amanda said to me
The answer is easy if you take it logically
I'd like to help you in your struggle, let me see
There must be fifty ways to be a utahn
Lets take calls and find some tasks for you to do
fantastic I hope the sights and quest the Guv will approve
so I perused the list, and lots of tasks were food
There must be fifty ways to be a utahn, fifty ways to be a utahn
Chorus 1:
Just ride at lagoon, loon, dip some fry sauce boss
say hello to the bones jones, at thanksgiving point
eat at purple turtle, myrtle, drive gravity hill billlllllllll
Donate to the D.I. guy, eat aggie ice cream
well the days turned into months and this list became a pain
A weekend in Moab and I was back on top again
I said, now K F C , would you explain how that's the first in the country?
She said, why don't you just eat there tonight
And I believe, the long hall of fame there will shed the light
As I looked at the statue, I realized she certainly was right
There must be fifty ways to be a utahn, fifty ways to be a utahn
Chorus 2
Suck down the Iceberg shake jake, see "this is the place" ace
Drive up to malaad dad, and play the lottery
chomp on some jello fellow, haggermans cookiesShow the list to the Guv bub, and see if you ve passed.

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